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What to Expect

At Aloha Natural Medicine we are here to listen to you! We recognize that you know your health history and struggles better than anyone. By establishing a relationship of trust with our patients, it is our mission to walk alongside you to unravel the factors contributing to your unique health situation. We believe that good medicine promotes optimal health and wellness by treating the underlying causes. We want our patients and their families to thrive!
Initial Consultation:

Initial adult and pediatric naturopathic appointments last 60-90 minutes.  Your first visit will include a thorough health and lifestyle history, review of any previous lab results, ordering of additional lab tests as indicated, discussion of our approach to your specific health issue or condition, and an individualized naturopathic plan. If more labs are needed, we may hold off on a comprehensive treatment plan until your follow-up appointment.

Follow-Up Appointments:

Follow-up naturopathic appointments are either 30 or 60 minutes. During this time, we will discuss how your health has changed since your last visit. We will get a thorough update on your symptoms and check in with you regarding your general health status (sleep, energy, appetite, cravings, mood). In addition, we will discuss your previous plan—what, if anything that we recommended was difficult to do. Last, we will put together a new naturopathic plan to move you even closer to optimal health.

At Aloha Natural Medicine we believe in providing individualized, integrative, and holistic health care for the whole family. We strive to collaborate with other members of your health care team seamlessly to provide the best medical care possible. From well child visits to complex chronic conditions and everything in between, we will work tirelessly to unravel your unique health issues and support you on the path to wellness.  Come see what the best of alternative health care has to offer!

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